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Young Ladies to Wise Women

Pink Sugar

5 Fundamental Truths:

  • Self-love is most important

  • Relationships are built on trust

  • We must keep God first

  • Education is key

  • Words does not define you, character does



Vision: Reimaging the gender-specific transformation from youth to adulthood that embraces all social determinants of health for individuals. We strive to create a world that is safe; where being in a community with others is inundated with unconditional love, support & opportunity; a call to action that will continue to create pathways for access and opportunity to increase overall life quality for all





Mission: Program free from judgment, bullying, peer pressure, and disempowering practices. Our programming offers tools for empowerment that propel positive synergistic energy to add protective factors for sustainable futures through mentoring, life skills, educational navigation, exploration of goals and values, and gender-related challenges

Let’sHear it:

"I feel the group has helped me in so many ways, but most importantly thinking more about my future. I love that I am able to express myself freely, and I never feel left out or unwanted. All the mentors are so sweet and nice and quite funny. I can tell that Rara is coming out to give her best and sees something in the youth and wants to leave a mark on us. I love our one on one chats, no matter what topic is. During group meetings it's never a judgmental environment or boring. I like going to school talking about my girl's group YLWW as it is one of the best things I have going on for me right now. Lastly, I can say I do feel being in this program has made me and some other girls closer." - Autumn W.

"We have a good group of girls that get along and I love the environment we're in; I feel it is safe and quiet for us. I enjoy all the activities we do together and what we have been introduced to. I love the mentors they are all very nice and sweet." - Christina R.

"At first I didn't think I would enjoy it or connect with anyone as well as I did. The environment is happy and exciting even when some of the girls have mood swings :) I like how Rara always listens to what everyone has to say and understands us. I didn't feel nervous at all when she first introduced herself, I knew it would be a great safe space. In my opinion, adults usually always want us teenagers to dump out our hearts and souls, so they have something to report, but not at YLWW, they took it slow and let us open up at our own pace. I enjoy the environment a lot more because it's not in a school setting, the change of scenery definitely lightens everyone's mood and makes my day 10X brighter every time I go." - Ayana R

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